Top Shenzhen official busted for graft

Shenzhen has announced the fall from grace of a senior official: Li Longwen, former deputy director of the city’s Port Authority, has been dismissed from public office and expelled from the Party.

The announcement came after an investigation by the city’s Commission for Disciplinary Inspection, the anti-graft agency, which found that Li had “lost his faith” and was “not loyal to the Party”. Moreover, he had compounded his errors of judgment by confronting and challenging the investigation, according to the local media report.

From the rap sheet, it sounds like Li was a bad apple, indeed. He is reported to have:

  • Concealed the purchase of villas and investment in Hong Kong stocks;
  • Received gifts and cash that may have caused him to perform his official duties in an impartial manner;
  • Engaged in paid illegal “intermediary activities”;
  • During his tenure in the municipal public security bureau, used his position of public power as a tool to seek personal gains;
  • Accepted huge amounts of money sent by private business owners, and then lent onward part of these funds to other private business owners at high interest rates.

The report said that Li’s proceeds from his crimes would be confiscated, and the evidence collected by the investigation would now be passed to the public prosecutor’s office for him to be dealt with according to the law.

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