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E-commerce giants move into Zhongshan

As a traditional manufacturing base, Zhongshan has a collection of clusters in home appliances, lighting and apparel. That might not set anyone’s hair on fire, given how the Greater Bay Area has been turning gung-ho on industrial upgrading since the release of the masterplan in February. However, they are just what is needed by some of the country’s biggest e-commerce behemoths.

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Zhongshan targets SARs

Zhongshan has joined the GBA talent wars, recently releasing a plan designed to keep up with its bigger neighbors and attract talented young people from Hong Kong and Macao. It will include – you guessed it – building an “innovation and entrepreneurship platform for young talents from Hong Kong and Macau”. The plan aims to establish an incubator by next year, presumably in temporary space while it constructs a dedicated Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Park by 2025.

On offer will be the usual menu: subsidies for rent and startup businesses, apartments for the smartest, and other incentives. The city plans to build a well-rounded supply chain centered on these youth from the two SARs.

[Greaterbayinsight.com will be publishing a special introductory report on the lively, lovely city of Zhongshan, birthplace of modern China’s founding father, Sun Yat-sen, very soon. Keep an eye out for it.]

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Zhongshan exports rise 11.9%

Zhongshan has come in a close second behind Dongguan for growth of exports in the first four months of the year. At RMB61.92 billion, exports were up 11.9% YoY, driven by private enterprises.

Imports, however, were down 10.2% YoY at 15.29 billion yuan.

Overall trade by foreign-invested enterprises was down 1.2% to RMB44.63 billion yuan, while that of private enterprises was up 24% at RMB28.3 billion. State-owned enterprises were down 2.2% to RMB4.27 billion.

Mechanical and electrical products still dominated, rising 10.3% and accounting for 73.4% of total exports. Traditional labor-intensive products such as furniture, toys, luggage, shoes, plastic products, textiles, clothing, etc., rose 17.7%. Lamps, lighting fixtures and parts were 2.69 billion yuan, an increase of 35.3%.

Zhongshan firm wins Canadian approval

Zhongshan-based Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings has successfully obtained approval from Canada’s non-prescription and natural health product bureau for two Chinese medicinal drinks it created.

Chinese medicine are usually regarded as healthcare products or food products in overseas markets. To win approval as an OTC drug, Zhongzhi had to provide a large amount of research data to prove its safety, effectiveness and controllability, including efficacy tests, quality standard studies, homogeneity evaluation studies, research papers published at home and abroad as well as records of relevant Chinese medicines in ancient and modern books.

As more Chinese medicine companies looking to go global, following a more standardized scientific research procedure has become the industry norm.