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Macau says Hengqin Port ready in Q1

The new Hengqin Port was supposed to have opened on December 20, the same day as Macau’s 20th anniversary celebrations, but it appears that it will be ready only sometime in the first quarter. Macau’s new Secretary for Administration and Justice, Andre Chong, announced that work on the new facility was ongoing, and specific legislation still needs to be passed by the Legislative Assembly to govern how the Macau side of the port will be operated.

The good news is, however, that the Macau government is already planning to license tourist buses to go across the Lotus Bridge and pick up passengers there once the port is ready. It was not made clear whether this includes shuttle buses operated by the Macau casinos, or only coaches run by tourist agencies. The current situation at the Macau side of the Hong Kong-Macao-Zhuhai Bridge (HZMB) has two joint-service shuttles to take visitors to designated spots (at the two ferry terminals) for transfer to casino shuttles, while non-casino tour buses run freely.

The current single shuttle bus running between Hengqin and the existing Macau immigration facility at the Macau side of the Lotus Bridge is obviously not going to be good enough once the new Hengqin Port opens, as its new high-speed railway station will bring in a flood of new arrivals. The question is only whether the casinos will be able to run their own shuttles or will be forced to share a publicly run service. The new problem-plagued LRT system has not yet been extended out to the Hengqin Port, so buses are the only mode of transport for the foreseeable future.

GBA Briefs: 1/7/2019

Gourmet Guangzhou:Guangzhou has had 28 restaurants designated Bib Gourmand in 2019 as the Michelin Guide confirmed the finalists via its official WeChat account. Read more.

Design Hub:Construction of the Guangzhou Design Capital project is under way. The RMB1.75 billion development in the Baiyun district is being touted as the GBA’s biggest design industry cluster. Read more.

Cross-Border Lending:The Bank of Communications has done the country’s first cross-border financing deal involving property collateral, helping a private enterprise in Nansha get a RMB40 million low-cost loan based on property assets in Hong Kong. Read more 

Macau Visitors:Macau visitors on package tours rose 16.4% YoY in May, to 827. In the first five months, there were 4.12 million package tour visitors, up 14.7% YoY. 

Macau arrivals up 25% in May

Macau’s visitor arrivals continued to surge, rising 25.6% YoY to 3.39 million last month. According to official data, the increase was driven by day-trippers from the mainland traveling on the IVS permits, up nearly 30%. Moreover, visitors from the nine GBA cities inside Guangdong surged 45.8%, with Zhuhai (64.9%) and Guangzhou (39.8%) standing out. 

In the first five months of 2019, arrivals were 17.19 million, up 21%.

Visitors from Hong Kong increased 20%, mostly coming via the HZMB. South Koreans continued to be tops among foreign visitors, rising 1.2% to 65,763 in May. 

Read more.

Dragon Boat boom for GBA

The Dragon Boat Festival over the long weekend was good to the Greater Bay Area. Guangdong welcomed 20 million visitors, up 6% YoY, and they spent RMB8.48 billion, up 8% YoY.

According to local media, cultural and historical attractions were a big drawcard this year. They cited some examples: the Guangdong Museum received about 32,000 visitors; the Zhongshan Library received nearly 27,000 readers; and the Guangdong Museum of Art received about 20,000 visitors. The biggest was the Guangzhou Municipal Museum, which provided 95 exhibitions for the public, receiving about 50,000 visitors.

The US-China trade war, meanwhile, is possibly generating some side-benefits for the tourism industry: the Opium War Museum in Humen, Dongguan, had a total of 180,000 visitors.

Popular outdoor spots were packed, too. Among them, picking pineapples in Zhanjiang, lychees in Lianjiangliang, and mangoes in Leizhou, were the favorites, while beaches were jammed, despite the hot weather.

The province received a total of one travel complaint, which has been “followed up and properly handled”.