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Ehang unveils plans for Urban Air Mobility Pilot City

When it comes to urban mobility, most people think of ride-sharing, whether it be by cars, bikes or, increasingly, scooters. However, advances in electric propulsion, autonomous flight technology and 5G communication will soon see the skies alive with machines that can carry things and people. 

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Sneak peek at Shenzhen air taxis

We teased readers yesterday by directing them to a video produced by a leading contender for “air taxi” services in the Greater Bay Area, a Shenzhen-based company called EHang. Today, we were reminded that “urban air mobility” (UAM), once considered the stuff of science fiction, will be launched by Airbus and the Shenzhen city government before the end of this year.

Here you can see how Airbus imagines Shenzhen looking one day in the not-distant future. Blade Runner fans will love it. (On the Airbus website, scroll down to the second video clip.)