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HK, Macau, Taiwan unemployment benefits

Residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan working in Shenzhen can now register for unemployment benefits, according to the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

If you have previously contributed to the city’s social security fund for six consecutive months before losing your job, or your employer paid in contributions for at least one year accumulatively, your unemployment pension will be calculated based on the number of the years you have worked at the company, reports Shenzhen Daily.

Once registered, you will also receive consultation services on employment policies and rules, vocational training information, and free job recommendations.

Guangdong ranked third in highest average wages

Guangdong residents earn the third-highest salaries on average in the country, just behind Beijing and Zhejiang province, reports China News.

Average wages for all workers, non-private and private, in Guangdong were RMB88,636 and RMB58,258 respectively, reports China News. Non-private includes state-owned enterprises, township collective enterprises, joint ventures, joint-stock companies, foreign-invested firms, and companies with investment from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Shenzhen, however, was way above this, with an average annual wage for urban non-private sector workers of RMB110,304 and RMB63,635 for private sector employees.

The highest average annual wages are in the financial and information technology sectors, followed by scientific research and technical service sectors.

The salaries cited refer to pre-tax wages and also includes personal income tax withheld and social insurance and housing provident fund benefits that are paid by individuals.

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