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Pudong elevated to Shenzhen’s level

The central government has unveiled a new masterplan (known as “opinions”) for Shanghai’s Pudong district, which places it on the same level as Shenzhen. The difference between the two, according to an analysis in Shenzhen Daily, is that Pudong is now more focused on “opening”, while Shenzhen is more focused on “reform”.

There are many practical differences between the two, of course, with the most obvious being that Pudong is just a district within Shanghai, whereas Shenzhen is a city of 22 million, serving the entire Greater Bay Area. But most eye-catching, according to the SCMP, is that Pudong has been tasked with experimenting with the full convertibility of the Renminbi.

The SZNews analysis goes out of its way to emphasize that the two cities are not competing, but part of a “double forward” strategy for China, like the famous chess move.

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