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Dongguan youth base launched

The Songshan Lake Hong Kong and Macau Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base is now open, with 40 start-up projects at its launch over the weekend. Only 15 of these are actually from the two SARs, the rest being local startups engaged with SAR partners, in projects such as smart wearable devices, smart cities, new energy, medical devices and e-education. 

The base is connected to other innovation and incubation centers in Songshan Lake, including the International Robotic Industrial Base, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Cultural Innovation Industrial Park, Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Base, and Hi-Tech Creative Space. 

Initiated by Professor Li Zexiang from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the robotics base was the first provincial-level incubation demonstration base in Dongguan. Launched in 2014, it is home to 57 enterprises and 33 start-up teams, including 10 enterprises with founders from Hong Kong. The robotic base has also cooperated with Dongguan University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology and HKUST to build a Guangdong-Hong Kong Robot Academy which currently has 400 students. 

The Cultural Innovation Park was initiated in 2010. It is home to 5 projects including comics, sports and communications. 

The Hi-tech Entrepreneurship Base in Songshanhu is seeking cooperation with the world-class incubation platform FoundersSpace and plans to introduce projects like Natilus, SeeVider, and Taikwan Tech. 

The Hi-Tech Creative Space is being jointly operated by Hong Kong and Dongguan with the plan to cultivate unicorn companies in the sectors of AI application, smart robotics, AI education, and Synapse Auto robots. 

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