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Services pumping in hi-tech Guangzhou

More detail is dribbling out in local media after Guangzhou reported strong GDP numbers last week. One of the clear standouts was growth in the services sector, especially the so-called “modern services industry”, which is dominated by software and other IT-related services.

Although the city is often thought of as a bastion of heavy industry and manufacturing, while Shenzhen is usually described as the “tech hub”, Guangzhou’s economy is increasingly being driven by software and other IT-related services. According to official data, this sector accounted for 68.6% of Guangzhou’s GDP in the first three quarters, an increase of 0.1% over the first half of the year. Its added-value was up 15.5% YoY.

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Guangzhou: upgrading continues

The provincial capital is continuing to restructure its economy amid a slowdown in foreign trade, which is having a knock-on effect on the manufacturing sector. Services are growing robustly, investment is surging, and retail sales are holding steady, latest official economic data shows.

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Aerotel provides napping rooms in Guangzhou airport

Ever been stuck in Guangzhou airport overnight, waiting for a connection? Next time you might consider a comfortable “napping lounge”, Aerotel, for exhausted travelers during the waiting time of flight transfer.
It’s not a lounge. If you follow the signs to the “napping lounge” in the airport, you will guided to a very nice hotel, offering single rooms, premium single rooms, and premium double rooms for at least a three-hour stay. They are spacious, with 5-star quality beddings and all the daily necessities. Need a copier, printer, and fax machine? No problem. You can also enjoy Guangzhou-style dishes at the 24-hour lounge bar of the hotel.

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