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Software leads the talent market

Zhaopin’s latest report shows software engineers are still in the highest demand for companies based in Shenzhen. Driving this is the need for artificial intelligence developers, followed by IT services, construction and engineering, materials, finance, and ecommerce. 

The most generous employers, however, come from the insurance industry, with salaries averaging RMB15,788 per month, followed by finance (RMB13,392) and management consulting (RMB11,856). Readmore in Chinese. 

Shenzhen’s average salary exceeds RMB10,000

Shenzhen leads the country in average monthly salary levels, together with Beijing and Shanghai, which jumped nearly 8% YoY in Q1. The national average is RMB8,452, but Shenzhen’s is above RMB10,000. This compares with HK$16,892 for fresh graduates in Hong Kong. However, as any HR manager with experience will explain, once social-security costs are added in, those Shenzhen salary levels are much less competitive. 

The data comes from the country’s biggest online recruitment platform, Zhoapin.com. Its latest report shows that jobs with more than RMB8,000 monthly salary are 35.5% of all job opportunities, followed by RMB4,001-6,000 at 29.5%. Foreign-owned enterprises and listed companies are most generous, offering on average more than RMB9000 per month. 

Read more in Chinese.