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HK says no change after 1.03m march

A record 1.03 million people marched through the streets of Hong Kong yesterday in protest against a planned law that would plug a loophole in the city’s rendition agreements and allow fugitives to be sent to the mainland. The Hong Kong government responded late last night by saying that the bill would not be deferred, and would go through the legislature tomorrow.

Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, said she would not resign, and she reiterated that the freedoms and rights of Hong Kong people had not been eroded.

All we can add to the story is a perspective on how it relates to the Greater Bay Area. What is happening now should be set against the backdrop of the region’s masterplan, which runs until 2035, 12 years before 2047, the end of the Special Administrative Region’s term. Legal and administrative reforms are at the heart of the mission to integrate and streamline the operations of Hong Kong and Macau plus the nine Bay cities of Guangdong. We expect to see the gap between the three jurisdictions narrowed over the course of this plan. We expect to see the rule of law strengthened throughout the entire Greater Bay Area. And we expect to see the region become more internationalized along the way.