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GBA Briefs: 4/9/2019

Huawei What? Huawei Technologies has now secured more than 50 commercial contracts worldwide for fifth-generation mobile networks, and almost two-thirds of the world’s 5G base stations are built by the company, according to a senior executive, quoted by Yicai Global. The firm also expects to deploy 65 million 5G base stations globally by 2025, serving 2.8 billion users. Read more.  

London or Bust? Hong Kong’s richest may be fully behind their embattled CE since being called across the border for a fireside chat with HKMAO Director Zhang Xiaoming, but they are hedging their bets in record numbers by applying for “golden visas” to the UK. Read more. 

Gree-Xiaomi Bet Back On? Doug Young has a good column on Caixin Global about the two billionaires renewing their billion-yuan bet, while he wonders out loud about both of their companies. Read more

Radio GBA: China Daily reports that the Greater Bay Area has its own radio station. Sadly, China Media Group doesn’t think foreigners are the target audience, and so it is in Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew. Read more.