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Nansha Port building fully automated operations

Nansha’s Port has been playing fast catch-up to the region’s two bigger ports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in recent years, and now its fourth phase of construction has been launched which aims to make it not only the GBA’s No. 1 in terms of quantity, but quality, too.

Costing RMB 7 billion, the fourth phase will be completed in 2021, at which time its TEU throughput is expected to hit 18 million. Shenzhen did 25 million at its two ports last year, and Hong Kong 19 million. More importantly, however, the fourth phase of Nansha will be the first fully automated terminal in the Greater Bay Area.

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Nansha’s foreign trade warming up

If there is a trade war going on, someone ought to let Nansha know about it: the special economic zone on the southernmost tip of Guangzhou saw imports jump 15% in the first five months. Driving this appears to be Nansha’s “bonded logistics” status, which essentially allows for duty-free imports of goods that are then reassembled or repackaged before being distributed. These accounted for nearly 30% of total trade through the port in the January-May period, at RMB20.37 billion, up nearly 40% YoY.

Similarly to neighboring Dongguan, cross-border e-commerce is the other big driver of trade growth through Nansha, rising 25.4% YoY in the first five months. Nansha now accounts for nearly 80% of Guangzhou’s total cross-border e-commerce value. The two hottest items were – surprise – accounted for by mothers and daughters: milk powder (+3.8%) and cosmetics (+55%).

The government ought to take a pat on the back. Since April 1, VAT for imports has been cut from 16% to as low as 9% on some goods. Clothing, shoes and hats, household equipment, daily chemical products, cultural and entertainment-related products are seeing the strongest growth.

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