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Exploring Dongguan – Top 10 Spots

Dongguan is noted for its manufacturing prowess, not its scenery. However, that is misleading. The city has been given a “National Excellence in Tourism” award, largely as a result of its historical relics and charming natural attractions. There is much to see and do here, and it’s a big place, so you need to plan your outings carefully. Here! (the magazine) is a good resource for events and listings of restaurants and bars. Following are our recommendations for the Top 10 must-go spots in Dongguan.
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Exploring Shenzhen — Top 10 Spots

Shenzhen is a young city with a lot of entertainment options. It has a reputation as “City of Creation and Fashion”. From wild beaches to amazing theme parks, there is something for everyone here. Following is a brief guide to the 10 must-go spots.

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Chill out in Guangzhou’s Sunac Indoor Snow Park

The Greater Bay Area feels today like the thermostat was turned up to max. Actually, for most of the year, it’s best to get out of the sun in this region. But now, there is an alternative to going shopping or, better yet, getting on a plane: Guangzhou has an indoor park featuring all sorts of winter-wonderland attractions and activities.

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Lionsgate Entertainment World: Be The Hero!

The Hunger Games are coming to a neighborhood near you.

This week saw the opening of Lionsgate Entertainment World, Asia’s first movie-themed vertical theme park. But you will never guess where it is: in Hengqin, the future Orlando of China.

The park is part of a much bigger resort being built in Hengqin, not far from the special economic zone’s new border crossing into Macau. Novotown, as the project is called, will start opening in phases, with Lionsgate coming shortly before the rest of Phase 1 opens in the second half of this year. 

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Guangzhou mostly costly, yet popular for graduates

Guangzhou continues to break stereotypes. The provincial capital is not known for its natural beauty, or its varied and abundant lifestyle options for young people. Neither, for that matter, does it compare to Shenzhen for cool tech jobs. And yet, it is the country’s second-most popular destination for university graduates, after Shanghai. And this is even though its rental costs are the country’s highest as a percentage of income.

Guangzhou’s rent-to-income ratio of 32.9% for university graduates is apparently no barrier, according to a report from the online property giant, Beike. This is largely due to its “abundant employment opportunities and convenient living environment”. 

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Aerotel provides napping rooms in Guangzhou airport

Ever been stuck in Guangzhou airport overnight, waiting for a connection? Next time you might consider a comfortable “napping lounge”, Aerotel, for exhausted travelers during the waiting time of flight transfer.
It’s not a lounge. If you follow the signs to the “napping lounge” in the airport, you will guided to a very nice hotel, offering single rooms, premium single rooms, and premium double rooms for at least a three-hour stay. They are spacious, with 5-star quality beddings and all the daily necessities. Need a copier, printer, and fax machine? No problem. You can also enjoy Guangzhou-style dishes at the 24-hour lounge bar of the hotel.

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LKF coming to Shekou

One entrepreneur who is clearly thinking about where the region’s youth will be basing themselves is Allan Zeman. According to Chinese media, Lan Kwai Fong is coming to Shekou, in a new large-scale project being built by China Merchants Group.

The project is a joint venture between Lan Kwai Fong Group, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings, and Shenzhen Yatong Holding Group. It is apparently an important part of the whole Shenzhen Merchants Shekou Taizi Bay development, a massive redevelopment project centered on the old port area.

Zeman was quoted as saying that the “LKF852 Prince Bay” project will “deepen the integration of Greater Bay Area resources, build a new ecology of business, culture, entertainment and leisure, and create a new urban landmark for Shenzhen”.

Taizi Bay is the flagship real-estate development of China Merchants Group, which signed an agreement for its scope with the provincial government in 2016. Covering 1.7 million sqm, it includes the largest domestic cruise port in southern China, as well as commercial and office space, residential, hotels, culture and art facilities, warehouses, international schools, international hospitals, public transport hubs and “others”.

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Most HK executives like GBA cities

Global economic uncertainty is having a limited impact on Hong Kong’s employment market, which is buoyed by the development of the Greater Bay Area, government incentives for innovation and technology and the completion of key infrastructure projects. This is according to KPMG, which released its third annual Hong Kong Employment Trends Survey and Salary Outlook this week. Highlights included:

  • 72% of respondents working in C-level positions or in human resources said they planned to increase (35%) or maintain (37%) existing headcount
  • 37% in financial services and 45% in innovation and technology said they would increase headcount, although the figure last year was higher (46%) for financial services
  • 53% of respondents said they would consider working in other GBA cities, with Shenzhen, Macau and Guangzhou being the top three choices
  • The top four considerations for respondents to work in these three cities were higher pay (58%), better career and industry prospects (56%), broader work exposure (54%) and travel convenience (52%)
  • The top four industries in which respondents thought the GBA development would create more jobs were innovation and technology (46%), financial services (36%), professional services (31%) and trade and logistics (29%)

Recent KPMG analysis found tax incentives to be instrumental in facilitating the free movement of people within the GBA, especially for high-income individuals working within the region. In early 2019 various exemptions from China’s new personal income tax were introduced, allaying Hong Kong residents’ concerns over a reduction in post-tax income when working on the mainland.

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