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Shenzhen seeks business input on laws

Shenzhen is opening its legal system to input from the business community. Sort of.

The city’s Bureau of Justice held a symposium last week, together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, focused on drafting new legislation that would improve – “optimize” is the official, beloved word – Shenzhen’s business environment. Corporate leaders from fields as diverse as finance, foreign trade, science and technology, security, power supply, gas, and consulting attended. The Chamber of Commerce was there.

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All rise: ‘Smart court’ is now in session

Guangzhou has taken the lead in reform and advancement of the country’s legal system, establishing the world’s first “smart court”.

According to a report in Nanfang Daily, the first national-level Intelligent Court Laboratory has been built in Guangzhou, in which big data, blockchain, and many other technologies are being used to change the way legal proceedings are conducted.

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