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Dongguan to add railway hub

Dongguan will cooperate with the Hong Kong MTR Corporation to plan and construct the Binhaiwan Bay Station at the Shajiao Peninsula of the Binhaiwan Bay Area, integrating three types of rail transportation: high-speed railway, intercity railway and city metro. 

The new station will be modeled after the West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong, allowing passengers to transfer seamlessly among the three rail transportation methods. 

Three metro lines from three cities will stop by Binhaiwan Bay Station, including Line 2 of Dongguan Metro, Line 20 of Shenzhen Metro, and Line 22 of Guangzhou Metro. The metro network will connect Dongguan directly with the Shenzhen Airport New Town. The city centers of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou will be only one-hour away from the Binhaiwan Bay Station in Dongguan, allowing passengers to travel to Shenzhen in 6 minutes, Guangzhou in 35 minutes, and Hong Kong in 40 minutes from the new station. 

Binhaiwan Bay Station is also planning to connect with the Zhongshan-Nansha-Humen Intercity Railway and the Second Guangzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railway. 

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Guangzhou to add high-speed railways

Guangzhou will add six high-speed railway lines to its network, which will connect to, but are different from, the existing Intercity and Metro lines. According to Guangzhou Transport Planning Research, two are already being constructed and will run between the capital’s CBD area and Nansha, at its southern tip, at speeds of 160 km/h. A third is just started, which will connect to Foshan, also at 160 km/h. The three others, however, are still being planned. They will run northwards and travel at 250 km/h. They are awaiting approval as part of the GBA Intercity Railway Construction Plan.

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Huizhou boosted by Shenzhen’s railway plans

Yesterday we reported that China Railway Corp and the provincial government had approved a master plan for the Shenzhen railway network that will run until 2030. 

While those in Zhuhai have been clinking baijiu glasses at the part of the plan showing how the Shenzhen-Zhuhai Intercity Railway will cut travel time down to an hour, it has also offered a glimpse into the potential route of the future Shenzhen-Huizhou Intercity Rail, set to start construction by 2022. 

According to the masterplan, the intercity rail will begin from Shenzhen’s Xili Station in Nanshan District, a major hub station, and travel north east to end at the Huizhou Station. 

The Shenzhen-Zhuhai Intercity Rail also starts from Xili Station and goes westbound to Zhuhai. So people in Zhuhai and Huizhou will likely be seeing more of each other in the not-too-distant future.

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Shenzhen to build two more big stations

Shenzhen has big plans as a railway hub for the region, according to a new masterplan released this week. In addition to its own extensive metro network, the city will build two new high-speed railway stations. 

Under a masterplan that will run until 2030, which was recently approved by China Railway Corp. and the provincial government, the two new stations, Xili Station and Shenzhen Airport Station, will bring the total number of the major railway stations in the city to seven.

Xili Station in Nanshan District will mainly serve as a key node on the future Coastal Passenger Special Line, as well as the existing High-Speed Railway lines running between Shenzhen and Maoming (in the far west of Guangdong) and Ganzhou (in Jiangxi province, to the north). Some trains on the Shenzhen-Huizhou and Shenzhen-Zhuhai Intercity Railway Lines (under construction) will also make stops at the station.

The Coastal Passenger Special Line will run along the country’s eastern coast linking the Greater Bay Area with the Yangtze River Delta around Shanghai and Hangzhou. Upon completion It will take about two hours from Shenzhen to Xiamen (currently it takes about 3.5 hours) and six hours to Shanghai (currently eight).

According to the plan, the city will have three main “hub stations”: Shenzhen North Railway Station, Xili Station and Shenzhen Station (Luohu). Four others will serve as “auxiliary stations”: Shenzhen East Station, Futian Station, Shenzhen Airport Station and Pingshan Station.

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Guangzhou Pass to spread to GBA cities

Guangzhou’s multi-functional electronic pass for public transport services will spread to other cities in the Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong and Macau, over the next three years.

A Guangzhou Public Transport spokesperson told local media that with the development of the Greater Bay Area, the “Yang Cheng Tong” system will be upgraded with cutting-edge technology to better serve its 89 million users. It is already used in 21 cities across Guangdong.

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Guangzhou Metro: one ticket for Intercity Trains


Guangzhou Metro says passengers will soon be able to use one ticket to travel within its network of four Intercity Railway lines. These include two lines running into Guangzhou North, from Qingyuan and Xintang; and two running into Guangzhou South, from Zhuhai’s Gongbei (and later this year Hengqin), and from Foshan West. The trains travel at speeds of between 160-200 kph.

The network is still being built out and expanded, and Guangzhou Metro says on its Wechat account that it is currently recruiting drivers. “In the near future, the public will be able to take trains among the cities as easily as if they take buses,” said chairman of Guangzhou Metro, Ding Jianlong. He pledged to speed up the construction of the network.