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Shenzhen to add 2,000 tech firms

The Shenzhen Hi-tech Zone began as a patch of 11.52 sq km in the Nanshan district and has mushroomed, particularly over the past decade. This widely known fact was recognized in April this year, when the “zone” was officially expanded to 159.48 sq km, covering not only Nanshan but the Pingshen district as well. (To understand what exactly a Hi-tech Zone is, read our explainer.) 

Now, the city government has announced that, far from resting on its laurels as the tech capital of southern China, it plans to accelerate the development of this zone. In so doing, it plans to attract and/or develop no fewer than 2,000 new hi-tech enterprises this year. These will be focused on building commercial applications for AI, new energy, integrated circuits, robotics, and new materials. 

At the same time, Shenzhen will focus on building an integrated supply chain in the hi-tech sector, starting from basic research, through manufacturing and financing. It will also construct a number of key scientific and technological infrastructure projects and build a number of key laboratories and pilot bases. These will include high-level innovation incubators, research institutes, and a group of professional technology service institutions.

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