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Huawei leads China’s top IT firms

Huawei Technologies remains China’s No. 1 IT firm, keeping its ranking atop the China Electronic Information Industry Federation’s Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises for the 12thyear running. No. 2 was Lenovo, followed by Haier. 

Nearly one fourth of the list, 22 companies, are based in Shenzhen. They include well-known brands such as electric vehicle maker BYD, telecom-equipment giant ZTE, and TV makers Konka and Skyworth. Rising stars such as drone king DJI and China Communication Technology were also in the list.

SMEs also stood out. They include BTR Energy Materials, the world’s largest supplier of battery anode materials; UBTech Robotics, which is valued at US$5 billion, Royole Technology, a manufacturer of advanced flexible displays, and ORBBEC, a developer of 3D motion sensors.

Last year, Shenzhen’s electronic information industry had sales of RMB2.13 trillion, up 13.8% YoY, accounting for about one-sixth of the national total and nearly 60% of Shenzhen’s overall industrial output. 

Guangdong ranked third in highest average wages

Guangdong residents earn the third-highest salaries on average in the country, just behind Beijing and Zhejiang province, reports China News.

Average wages for all workers, non-private and private, in Guangdong were RMB88,636 and RMB58,258 respectively, reports China News. Non-private includes state-owned enterprises, township collective enterprises, joint ventures, joint-stock companies, foreign-invested firms, and companies with investment from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Shenzhen, however, was way above this, with an average annual wage for urban non-private sector workers of RMB110,304 and RMB63,635 for private sector employees.

The highest average annual wages are in the financial and information technology sectors, followed by scientific research and technical service sectors.

The salaries cited refer to pre-tax wages and also includes personal income tax withheld and social insurance and housing provident fund benefits that are paid by individuals.

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Guangzhou goes after HK, Macau youth

The provincial capital is raising the bar for other Greater Bay Area cities, rolling out incentives for Hong Kong and Macau youth to live and work in Guangzhou. These include a RMB1 billion seeding fund, apartments, and other subsidies under a new program that will launch this weekend.

The key focus of the plan is to “encourage innovation and entrepreneurship”. The city government will build 10 innovation and entrepreneurship bases over the next three years, supported by more than 1,000 apartments, all underpinned by a RMB1 billion investment fund. Young talents from the two SARs can enjoy free company registrations, discounted office rents and a bunch of other support services at these venues.

Cold hard cash will be up for grabs, too. Subsidies for individuals of up to RMB200,000 per year will be available; for partnerships it will rise to RMB300,000 per person; and for enterprises it can rise as high as RMB3 million per company. Moreover, loans of up to RMB5 million per project will be offered.

That is not all. Talented youth who don’t feel terribly entrepreneurial just yet but would like a career to start, worry no more: Guangzhou will provide around 2,000 internship opportunities in the fields of information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, autonomous vehicles, finance and government-related institutions.

Did we hear you say tax exemptions? Of course, those will be on offer, too. Details to come.

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