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Building a Cross-Border Startup

Vickey Li is the cofounder of OnePiece Work, a cross-border startup incubator from Silicon Valley. It leases space, but also provides consulting services to small and micro enterprises. Li views Shenzhen as a great place to start a business.

Vickey Li has had more than a taste of both American and Chinese corporate cultures. Educated in the US for senior high school and college, she returned to China after graduation to dive into Shanghai’s competitive real estate industry. That lasted three years before Li returned to the US to found her current company, OnePiece Work. Today she finds herself back in China, setting up a new office in Shenzhen. We caught her story at a recent event organized by Startup Grind Shenzhen.

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RealTechX to scale up proptech in GBA

Sydney-based real estate venture capital firm Taronga Ventures has launched its RealTechX Growth Program, an industry-led, government-backed innovation program to grow real estate technology business in Australia and Asia, particularly in the Greater Bay Area. 

Realtech or proptech represents the convergence of property and technology that reshapes the way real estate is built, occupied, managed, transacted and recorded. To Taronga, realtech also goes beyond residential and encompasses the office, retail, infrastructure, and urban planning sectors as well. 

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Nansha rolls out red carpet for youth

Now that all cities in the Greater Bay are able to offer the same tax-equalization subsidies for talents from Hong Kong and Macau, what are they left to compete with? Guangzhou’s Nansha District, the special zone on its southernmost tip, has no fewer than 66 goodies in its bag for youth from the two SARs. These include subsidies for housing, which most, if not all, other GBA cities have. But they go significantly further, covering costs for transportation, communication, company setup, funding, and a whole lot more. 

The new policies are currently undergoing “consulting” and will be officially launched in August. 

The big push is focused on filling up Nansha’s “Innovation Valley”, which is its incubation and acceleration base for youths from the two SARs. The park can hold 200 start-up teams in its 20,000-sqm premises, and it is currently at 135. In addition to an “Entrepreneurship Academy”, the government provides legal, accounting, and tax consulting services, while local companies have thousands of internships open for graduates seeking to get their careers started. 

These internships will not be the end of the line, either: the government is currently planning to offer designated job opportunities in large enterprises offering a starting annual salary of RMB250,000. And for those who would prefer to do post-graduate study, Nansha will offer special programs in mainland universities. 

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Zhongshan targets SARs

Zhongshan has joined the GBA talent wars, recently releasing a plan designed to keep up with its bigger neighbors and attract talented young people from Hong Kong and Macao. It will include – you guessed it – building an “innovation and entrepreneurship platform for young talents from Hong Kong and Macau”. The plan aims to establish an incubator by next year, presumably in temporary space while it constructs a dedicated Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Park by 2025.

On offer will be the usual menu: subsidies for rent and startup businesses, apartments for the smartest, and other incentives. The city plans to build a well-rounded supply chain centered on these youth from the two SARs.

[Greaterbayinsight.com will be publishing a special introductory report on the lively, lovely city of Zhongshan, birthplace of modern China’s founding father, Sun Yat-sen, very soon. Keep an eye out for it.]

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