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Huangpu launches 5G incentives

Guangzhou’s Huangpu district is pushing hard on 5G support policies, releasing 10 new measures today to boost commercial application and rollout. For new companies targeting high-end 5G components, chip modules and new-type industrial terminals (such as 4K/8K terminals, smart wearable devices, unmanned transportation tools), the Huangpu government offers a reward of a rebate of 5% of the registered capital or up to RMB3 million for each enterprise that paid in more than RMB10 million at time of registration. An extra RMB300,000 will be given for introducing technological “talents”. 

New 5G enterprises can also get up to RMB2 million of rewards based on the amount and growth rate of annual operating income. The government will select 10 to 15 showcase projects each year, offering 30% of the total investment of the project or up to RMB5 million as subsidy. 

Huangpu is also encouraging large enterprises and operators to build application-oriented networks in the industrial parks, offering up to RMB2 million of subsidies. For new companies joining the industrial park, up to RMB600,000 of rental subsidy and RMB1 million renovation subsidy will be offered. 

Up to RMB5 million subsidy will be given to companies establishing innovation centers and labs. 

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Guangzhou metro extends to Dongguan, Foshan

Two metro lines in Guangzhou’s Huangpu district have begun construction that will connect the provincial capital to its two closest neighbors, Foshan and Dongguan. The eastward extension of Line 5 will connect first with the Huangpu Ferry Terminal, and from there will go onward Dongguan’s metro line 1. The extension is 9.8 kilometers long with six stations. Trains will run at a slow speed of 90 kph.

Metro line 7, meanwhile, will extend from Guangzhou South Station,toward Foshan’s Shunde district. It is scheduled for completion by next year. Journeys between Shunde’s Midea Avenue and Guangzhou South will take only 20 minutes. That will put Shunde within easier reach of Hong Kong, which has a high-speed railway connection to Guangzhou South from Kowloon West.

Wanda to build major hospital project in Guangzhou 

China’s largest commercial property developer, Dalian Wanda, has won the auction of a 133,252 square meter land parcel in Guangzhou’s Huangpu district for RMB1.34 billion, on which it will build a major international-quality healthcare project.

The local government required the winning bidder to partner with a US News Top 20 medical group on the project.

Wanda’s acquisition of the site was part of its plan to venture into the healthcare sector. At the beginning of the year, the group’s chairman, Wang Jianlin, who was once China’s richest man before Beijing’s deleveraging campaign forced to Wanda to shed over US$9 billion worth of assets over the past year, said that Wanda would focus on building a “top hospital” . The project would combine medical and healthcare services as well as commercial facilities and medical training facilities.

Last September, Wanda signed an agreement with the University of Pittsburg Medical Center to build a general hospital and introduce its management and systems into China.