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Aerotel provides napping rooms in Guangzhou airport

Ever been stuck in Guangzhou airport overnight, waiting for a connection? Next time you might consider a comfortable “napping lounge”, Aerotel, for exhausted travelers during the waiting time of flight transfer.
It’s not a lounge. If you follow the signs to the “napping lounge” in the airport, you will guided to a very nice hotel, offering single rooms, premium single rooms, and premium double rooms for at least a three-hour stay. They are spacious, with 5-star quality beddings and all the daily necessities. Need a copier, printer, and fax machine? No problem. You can also enjoy Guangzhou-style dishes at the 24-hour lounge bar of the hotel.

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Guangzhou plans 600km/h trains

Guangzhou’s development plan until 2035, which was released on Friday and covered in our newsletter, is still being dissected for interesting tidbits. One that has come up is the capital city’s plans for hi-speed railways of the future. They include building a second line between the region’s three mega-cities, powered by maglev technology that would have trains running at 600km/h.

The new line is being planned and will open in 2030. It would allow passengers to travel between Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in only 20 minutes, and would run southward through Qianhai to Hong Kong’s East Lantau Development (assuming it is built by then).

The new high-speed railway will also connect key innovation clusters like the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Dongguan’s Songshan Lake, before passing through Guangzhou South, Guangzhou East, and Huangpu. It will extend northward as far as Yongzhou in Hunan province.

No mention was made of how or whether this line will extend out to the Hong Kong International Airport, supposedly the “dragon’s head” of the GBA’s aviation market.

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