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Hottest May in Shenzhen

The average temperature in Shenzhen in May was 28.5℃, the highest ever recorded for the month, according to the local meteorological authority. The highest daily temperature of 35.0°C was the fifth highest ever in May. Moreover, it was also an exceptionally dry month, as the city’s average cumulative rainfall was just 114.2 mm, 52.6% less than the average over the past 5 years (of 240.8 mm). June is forecast for more rain, around 300-350 mm, which would be just 1-2% less than the average for the month over the past five years.  Typhoons are possible, but more likely to occur in mid-June.

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Guangdong aims high for nature reserves

Guangdong’s image as the world’s factory has been getting a makeover for the past decade as the province has moved steadily up the manufacturing value chain and its digital economy has risen from nothing to become a world leader. Marching in lockstep with this economic transformation has been an environmental upgrade, which has received less attention. As we reported yesterday, four of the province’s cities are now in the top 10 for air quality nationwide. Shenzhen, once the capital of smog, today ranks behind only Lhasa and Hainan for clean air.

As the saying goes, we ain’t seen nothing yet. There is not a challenge that the provincial government cannot throw a multi-year plan at, and the latest is the construction of forests.

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