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GBA Briefs: 23/8/2019

Carmakers Skid: Guangzhou R&F Properties has halted its cooperation with Hawtai Motor, which appears to have run into cashflow problems. The two companies signed a venture agreement a month ago. Read more.

Energy Rising: Shenzhen Energy saw Q1 revenues jump 30.14% YoY to RMB10.386 billion, while profit was up 92% to RMB1.032 billion. Read more.

Talent Moves: More than 2,200 people have so far applied for the Greater Bay Area “talent card”, including 228 from Hong Kong and Macau. Cardholders can enjoy local access to schooling, social security, medical services, financial services and more. Read more.

Zhuhai firm on energy platform with US center

China Hainan Dayang International Energy Group and Zhuhai Dayang International Exchange Group have signed an agreement with the US National Center for Sustainable Development (NCSD) to form a new platform and facilitate the development of the energy sector.

The NCSD CEO Mitchell Stanley said the platform allows US small businesses to sell their products in the global market.

Gong Jialong, CEO of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Energy Exchange Co. Ltd., said China-US cooperation in energy has great potential.

“China is the world’s largest energy consumer and US is one of the largest producers,” he said. “Around 60 to 70 percent of energy producers in the US are small businesses. We aim to connect the American small business with the Chinese market.”

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