Tablets, lamps drive Shenzhen’s Q1 exports

Detailed numbers from Shenzhen’s Customs Department make for some interesting reading. In Q1, the city’s foreign trade accounted for just under 10% of the national total. That is right: one GBA city, population 12 million, accounted for a tenth of all imports and exports in China, population 1.4 billion. 

Exports were dominated, as usual, by mechanical and electrical products, accounting for 80% of the total. The fastest-growing categories were lighting equipment, at RMB7.82 billion, up 19.2%, and tablet computers, at RMB6.87 billion, up a whopping 50%. 

Imports, meanwhile, showed strong growth in consumer products, up 14.3%. Half of these came into Shenzhen in January alone. Perhaps most surprising was the single biggest source of these: Chile, up 26.1% at RMB7.15 billion yuan. By comparison, imports from the EU were RMB5.93 billion, up 11.5%, while imports from ASEAN were RMB5.11 billion, up 18.1%.

Perhaps the breakdown of imports by type might explain Chile’s strength. Fresh and dried fruits and nuts were up 30.4% at RMB10.56 billion. However, Shenzhen’s tai-taisobviously know their priorities: imported cosmetics and jewelry rose 54.5% and 32.7%, respectively.

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