Songshan Lake raises offers for talents

Dongguan’s Songshan Lake Hi-tech Zone recently released new policies to attract Hong Kong and Macau talents with subsidies. All those that joined the innovation and entrepreneurship base since January 1 this year are eligible to apply. 

For innovation and entrepreneurship projects initiated by Hong Kong and Macau talents, each will be rewarded between RMB100,000 and RMB200,000, while another RMB300,000 will be granted if the company achieves promised goals in three years. An “express lane” was also opened to simplify the registration process for Hong Kong and Macau projects. 

To encourage talents from the two SARs to work in Songshan Lake, the government is offering up to RMB30,000 for master’s and PhD degree holders. For “high-end talents and talents in an urgent demand” from Hong Kong and Macau, the government will rebate the differences of the income tax between the mainland and the SARs. Internship subsidies will also be offered at up to RMB500 per day. 

The government also offers subsidies for lawsuits concerning intellectual property rights and rewards for new patent and brand registration. 

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