‘Smart glasses’ debut at Shenzhen Bay Port

Smugglers, your days are numbered! Shenzhen is rolling out the trial use of special 5G-enabled scanners at one of its key border points with Hong Kong. According to local media, “smart cameras” and “smart glasses” are being used to detect suspicious goods at the Shenzhen Bay checkpoint, where some 158,000 people pass through every day.

The glasses and cameras are hooked up to a large database. Thanks to the fast connection enabled by the 5G network, officers wearing the glasses are able to get real-time updates on the passengers flowing through the checkpoint. When a suspicious one has been identified, they will receive a voice prompt from an earplug attached to the the glasses and a connected tablet will bring up the relevant information about the person. 

For all of this to work, of course, profiles need to be constantly built through the use of facial recognition software and other identifiers. The system allows frontline officers to target suspicious passengers and respond more quickly than before.

During the trial operation, Shenzhen Customs has reportedly seen a steady improvement in its ability to identify and seize illicit movement of goods. The system will be rolled out across the city’s multiple border checkpoints in the near future, and it is serving as a testbed for the entire country.

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