Silver lining for Huawei?

Hundreds of U.S. companies that supply Huawei Technologies have been contacting the government for exemptions to the ban on selling their products to the Shenzhen-based tech giant, according to U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Caixin Global reported Tuesday that U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp. has been pushing the government to allow it to continue selling components to Huawei. Google, whose android mobile operating system has been used by Huawei in its popular smartphones, has also been trying to convince the U.S. government to exempt it from the ban, the Financial Times reported last week.

When Ross was asked by Caixin for confirmation about US companies seeking exemptions from the government, Ross said: “Many of the current suppliers to Huawei have been in touch with us in one form or another. Those that are not central to national security interest, we will tend to look favorably upon,” he said.

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