Shunde’s foreign trade grows

For the first four months of the year, Foshan’s Shunde recorded a total of RMB59.44 billion in foreign trade, up 9.6% year on year. Of which, exports achieved RMB47.34 billion, up 11.2%; imports RMB12.1 billion, up 3.6%.

Shunde’s trade volume with the Belt and Road Inititive countries maintained stable growth, with trade reaching RMB15.51 billion, up 9.9%, accounting for 26.1% of Shunde’s total during the first fourth months of 2019. Trade with Southeast Asian nations clocked RMB6.13 billion, up 25%.

Mechanical and electrical products accounted for 72.6% of exports, to RMB34.35 billion, up 9% YoY. Of this, air-conditioners accounted for RMB5.61 billion, down 3.6%; microwaves RMB3.12 billion, up 6.2%; jewelry RMB3.11 billion, down 10.1%; and furniture RMB2.75 billion, up 16.1%.