Shenzhen university sets up chip college with SMIC

Shenzhen University of Technology has established an Integrated Circuit Academy in collaboration with the country’s leading chip foundry. Ruan Shuangchen, the university’a president, signed the agreement with Xu Feng, the Shenzhen head of operations for Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co., this week.

Speaking to local media at the signing ceremony, Ruan said a huge shortage of talent in semiconductor design and manufacturing is one of the country’s biggest challenges, and the establishment of the college would help to address this. He said the province’s tertiary education institutions were not well oriented toward the development of chip technology, and his university had an important role to play in boosting collaboration between research institutes and the commercial sector. Besides SMIC, the university would also collaborate with BYD and Huawei, two of the country’s best-known tech conglomerates.

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