Shenzhen/Shanwei zone gears up

A special zone being built between Shenzhen and Shanwei, about 60 km to the east of Shenzhen, is about to see new land requisition policies issued that will speed up development.

The 468 sq km zone, inaugurated last December, will be built over the next 15 years. It will eventually be home to around 1.5 million people focused in a variety of high-tech industries. The zone’s management committee said 30 sq km of land will initially be acquired and earmarked for development of companies involved in AI, next-generation IT products, and biomedicine.

By mid-year, the zone is expected to have its “Robot Town” taking shape, housing robotics companies. It will also launch a “Fashion Brand Industrial Park” at that time. A comprehensive high school, the Shenshan School of Nanshan Foreign Language School, has just opened, while the Shenshan campuses of Shenzhen Baihe Foreign Language School and Shenzhen Polytechnic are making headway.