Shenzhen seeks business input on laws

Shenzhen is opening its legal system to input from the business community. Sort of.

The city’s Bureau of Justice held a symposium last week, together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, focused on drafting new legislation that would improve – “optimize” is the official, beloved word – Shenzhen’s business environment. Corporate leaders from fields as diverse as finance, foreign trade, science and technology, security, power supply, gas, and consulting attended. The Chamber of Commerce was there.

According to the local media report issued after the event, attendees “expressed their opinions on challenges” they were facing, and proposed solutions. 

The list of representatives and their proposals can be read online here. More interesting, in our view, is what the head of the Bureau of Justice, Jiang Xilin, said in closing.

According to the report, Jiang thanked the representatives for their insights and responded that the central government’s support for Shenzhen’s construction of the country’s first Pioneering Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (PZSCC) is a “rare historical opportunity” for the city. In this endeavour, the Bureau of Justice would strive to strengthen the rule of law, create a first-class business environment, “do more practical things,” and actively contribute to the development of a strong judiciary.

High-quality legislation, he said, is inseparable from high-quality advice. The Bureau of Justice will, therefore, “carefully sort out the proposals collected by the forum and look for implementation plans”.

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