Shenzhen raises RMB 4.1bn from “anti-epidemic” bonds

In February this year, bonds for epidemic prevention and control were issued to raise funds for enterprises in difficulty. Among them, Shenzhen has issued the country’s first anti-epidemic bonds in the express delivery logistics and air transport industries. As of February 21, Shenzhen financial institutions had accumulated underwriting of seven anti-epidemic bonds, with the total at 4.101 billion yuan and a weighted average interest rate of only 2.42%.

From February 10th to 12th, ICBC Shenzhen Branch, China Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch, and Shanghai Bank Shenzhen Branch contracted wth with Shenzhen Airlines, which is responsible for transporting anti-epidemic materials, and issued three ultra-short-term financing bonds, raising 1.8 billion yuan with the minimum issue rate of only 1.99%. As of February 9, Shenzhen Airlines had shipped 19,599 pieces of anti-epidemic materials, with a total weight of 192.5 tons.

On February 20th, ICBC Shenzhen Branch contracted with SF Holdings Group and issued 20 SF Tyson (epidemic prevention and control bonds) SCP001, raising 500 million yuan with issue interest rates of only 2.5%. As of February 19, the SF Group flights carrying anti-epidemic materials reached 107, with a cumulative cargo volume of 2,682 tons.

According to statistics from a financial data provider, as of February 24th, there have been 178 anti-epidemic bonds issued nationwide. Ultra-short-term financing bonds are still the main type, with 73 issued. 

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