Shenzhen one of four AI zones

The Ministry of Science and Technology has named Hefei, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Tianjin as the country’s four cities to build national pilot zones for “next-generation artificial intelligence”. 

Forgive us, but the announcement is full of the usual government jargon that makes little sense to an international audience but bears repeating here: Hefei is required to take full advantages of its talent and technology and strengthen the supply of artificial intelligence innovation; Hangzhou is required to strengthen the clustering effect of high-end resources and improve the level of artificial intelligence innovation and development; Tianjin is required to integrate artificial intelligence innovation resources and strengthen it’s intelligent technology industrial cluster;  Shenzhen, is required to build an artificial intelligence innovation highland with international competitiveness.

Local media, ever inquisitive, looked into why Shenzhen was selected. Here goes:

Shenzhen: to create a highland of artificial intelligence innovation

The development of high-tech industry in Shenzhen is at the forefront of the whole country. Last year, the city’s next-generation information technology industry generated RMB 477.202 billion in sales, up 10.9% YoY. Of that, digital economy was worth RMB 124.073 billion. 

What Shenzhen lacks in advanced research institutes it more than makes up for with enormous technology R&D teams at its leading companies. Huawei and Tencent are only the two most famous. 

The Ministry of Science and Technology instructed Shenzhen to “fully take advantages of its R&D and talents and create a highland of artificial intelligence innovation”. This would require Shenzhen to “strengthen the basis of artificial intelligence frontier theory and key technological research and development, improve the intelligent infrastructure, accelerate the transformation and application of related results, comprehensively improve artificial intelligence industry international competitiveness”. 

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