Shenzhen offers 40% off for talent housing

Shenzhen is moving fast on its plans for luring “talents” to the city, defining more clearly who qualifies as one and offering them a sweet 40% discount on housing – for rental or purchase.

Here are the criteria for applicants who are already working for a company or who have started a business in Shenzhen:

  1. University degree holders, including overseas graduates.
  2. Those recognized by a municipal-level human resources department with a secondary or above-level national vocational qualification.
  3. High-end talents and talents “needed urgently”, identified by the city government.

Here are the types of accommodation available:

  • If you are single or living with your spouse: 35 sqm;
  • With three “nuclear family” members: 70 sqm;
  • With four or more “nuclear family” members: 90 sqm.

Rentals are for a maximum 10 years, and the discount lasts for only the first six years.

For those wanting to buy, it depends on their assessed income levels. And it is related to the number of years the purchaser has lived in Shenzhen.

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