Shenzhen listed firms soar in 1H

Shenzhen’s publicly listed companies produced a stellar result in the first half of this year, with overall revenues up 12.17% and profits up 33.45%, significantly higher than the national average of listed companies.

Average return on equity reached 7.91%, which local media said was “higher than in recent years.”

The semi-annual report from the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau shows that 292 listed companies in Shenzhen have assets of RMB 25.96 trillion and net assets of RMB 3.83 trillion. These are ranked third behind Beijing and Shanghai, but their combined market cap of RMB 6.41 trillion ranks ahead of Shanghai, second to Beijing.

The net profit growth rate was 20 percentage points higher than the same period of last year. It compared with the national average for listed companies of 6.6%.

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