Shenzhen is patently #1 in China

Shenzhen may not have the country’s leading academic institutes, but it’s got better than that when it comes to 5G: it has the tech giants’ R&D departments. Thanks to Nanshan neighbors Huawei and ZTE, the city blew past Beijing last year to take top spot in the number of 5G technology patents issued – 163, up 158.73% YoY. This took its accumulated patent numbers in the sector to 476. Huawei accounted for 134 of these, with ZTE chipping in 20.

Incidentally, Shenzhen’s 5G technology patents granted in Europe, Japan and Korea are also #1 in those areas.

It’s not only in 5G that Shenzhen excels. In graphene and robotics, the city is #1 for PCT international patent applications.

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