Shenzhen airport to add global routes


During the upcoming busy summer season, Shenzhen’s Bao’An International Airport will bring its international flight routes to over 50. Additions will include Rome (Italy), Nagoya (Japan) and Tehran (Iran) by Spring Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Mahan Airlines. The airport will operate another 7,500 flights on a weekly basis, according to Chinese media site Jiemian.

The number of flights to Dubai, Moscow, Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore will be further increased. Long-haul international as well as regional flights will reach a total of 936 weekly.

Domestically, new routes from Shenzhen to Liuzhou (Guangxi), Changzhi (Shanxi), Linfen (Shanxi) and Aksu (Xinjiang) will also be added, while the number of flights to Beijing, Urumqi (Xinjiang), Xining (Qinhai) and Zhengzhou (Henan) will be increased.