Shenzhen #1 in China

Here is one of those only-in-China accolades: the density of the road network within Shenzhen’s three administrative districts of Futian, Luohu and Nanshan is ranked top in the country, according to a road network report released by China Academy of Urban Planning & Design. It has reached 9.50 – which means there are 9.50 km of roads for every square kilometer of land available.

It is not what springs immediately to mind – of concrete jungles – however, as anyone who has visited Shenzhen can attest. Higher density also suggests higher walkability of a city, allowing people to “more intimately feel the community life”, apparently. 

The report looked at 36 major Chinese cities and concluded that the average road density of these cities stands at 5.96 km per square kilometer. Shenzhen’s road density level is way ahead, followed by Fujian’s Xiamen (8.49) and Sichuan’s Chengdu (8.07). All three cities have achieved the national target of 8. 

Among the country’s three other Tier One cities, Shanghai has 7.15, Guangzhou 7.06 and Beijing 5.65. 

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