Qianhai reveals idea for extension of rail link with HK

Shenzhen’s Qianhai Authority has set the cat among the pigeons by revealing a proposal for an extension of the cross-border high-speed railway line that would connect to Hong Kong’s proposed East Lantau Plan, also known as the Lantau Tomorrow Vision. According to a report over the weekend in the South China Morning Post, alleged plans for the rail line’s future development have been on display on the ground floor of an official exhibition center for the pilot development zone.

In the map, the local section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link that opened in the West Kowloon terminus last year would branch out to the East Lantau metropolis, run through the New Territories and cross the border to Qianhai, joining the national network. Of course, no date has been given for any of this. Hong Kong has not even announced whether the Lantau reclamation project will go ahead yet.

Witman Hung Wai-man, principal liaison officer for Hong Kong at the Qianhai Authority, said the preliminary idea for the rail extension was raised late last year, and the Qianhai Authority would further explore the concept before presenting it to the Shenzhen municipal government and Hong Kong authorities. But that couldn’t stop reporters from calling up Michael Wong, Secretary for Development for the HKSAR, who said he knew nothing about the plan. “I only learned about it when it was revealed in the news on Friday,” Wong said.

It was a reaction that predictably brought a surge of criticism from the usual corners about Hong Kong’s autonomy being eroded.
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