Protesters’ aim: bring HK to standstill

Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters have been blocking streets and MTRtraffic today, with further sit-in protests planned for the HKIA. Meanwhile, the government has made clear it will not meet any of their demands, especially not the one that agitates them the most: setting up an independent commission of enquiry. It is becoming more obvious each day that life is not going to return to normal anytime soon in this city, despite what the HKMAO in Beijing says it hopes to see.

One has to be here to fully appreciate it. Walking around in public, there is a palpable tension in the air. One has to be careful talking about the protests because someone from the opposite camp might overhear you. The Landmark or Mandarin Oriental are still oases of tranquility during the week, but come Friday, Central is has the feel of a war zone. 

At what point does it all end? It is becoming increasingly hard to see. Keep an eye on the SCMP for more. It’s still developing.

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