New prices soar 11.9% in April

Zhuhai’s average price for new properties hit RMB22,349 per sqm in April, up 11.9% YoY and 3.15% MoM, according to data from Centaline. This follows a report we had published earlier this week indicating that secondary-market transaction volumes surged in April as well, up 66% YoY.

Before investors get too excited, it should be kept in mind that Zhuhai has seen some volatile trading in homes over the past year. Average prices hit a low of RMB19,212 per sqm in December last year before rebounding in January, falling again in February, and then recovering in March.

There is also quite a wide range within the city’s districts. Hengqin, the special economic zone facing Macau, leads the tables, at an average price of RMB44,264.11 per sqm. Doumen, on the other hand, is at RMB14,190.87 per sqm.

Zhuhai is being touted by several agencies as the place to look for relatively good value at the moment. One group in particular seems to be upbeat on the city, and they have a unique way of analyzing the GBA: with artificial-intelligence reports.

Find out more (in Chinese) and check out the “robotic” reports from GBA Intelligence (no relation to us) here.