New metro lines to open next year

Shenzhen’s Metro will open two new lines – Lines 6 and 10, running from north to south – a year from now, reports Shenzhen Daily.

Line 10 is about 29.56 km with 24 stations, including eight interchange stations. It starts from the Futian Checkpoint and reaches Pinghu Center, passing through Pinghu, Banxuegang, Huawei new town and Melinguan.

Line 6 is divided into two phases. The first phase extends 37.6 km with 20 stations, running from Shenzhen North Station to Songgang Station, which is also an interchange station with Line 11. The second phase extends around 11.5 km, running from Shenzhen North Station to Science Museum with seven stations, five of which, namely Science Museum, Tongxinling, Bagualing, Yinhu and Shenzhen North, are interchange stations with lines 1, 3, 7, 9, and 4 and 5, respectively.

At present, Shenzhen Metro only has only one line running north to south – Line 4. The operation of 10 and 6 will help to relieve the traffic burden and congestion at Meilin Checkpoint. At the same time, it will improve traffic in the Longhua, Bantian and Pinghu areas, the report said.

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