Nansha unveils Hengli Island plan

A masterplan of the Nansha Pearl Bay Hengli Island has been unveiled on the Nansha government’s official website. Positioned to be a “World Financial Island”, Hengli will have a population of 91,000 as well as public facilities such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens, according to the plan.

Property developers, please read the next paragraph while the rest of our readers skip to the crossword page: Covering 589.26 hectares, the island includes 38.25 hectares of residential land, accounting for 6.49% of the total available for construction, 74.81 hectares (12.69%) for mixed use, 84.47 hectares (14.33%) for public management and public service facilities; 111.78 hectares (18.97%) for commercial service facilities; 183.41 hectares (31.12%) for roads and transportation facilities; and 4.09 hectares (0.69%) for public facilities.

Hengli is one of the four areas in the middle of the Nansha New Area, forming what is known as the Pearl Bay. It is the pearl within the pearl, so to speak: Hengli will focus on building a headquarters economy, business and finance as well as technological research and development.

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