Nansha sets up as Belt&Road node

Through its port in Nansha, Guangzhou is well positioned to be a multimodal node within the region’s Belt and Road Initiative, according to Nansha officials. This will help southeast Asian companies move their goods to Europe much faster as they can go overland by rail, cutting journey times from 45 days to just 15.

“We will attract enterprises from Southeast Asia to use freight trains to ship goods to Europe through Nansha’s Bonded Port Area,” said Li Juntao, deputy chief of Nansha Customs.

As Li explained, most goods from Southeast Asia are currently shipped by sea, which is much slower than overland by rail. Now it can be trucked or shipped to Nansha, and then on to the Guangzhou Dalang Railway Station, where it can be loaded and sent via the railway line running across Central Asia to Europe.

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