Nansha boosts ferry services

Nansha is determined to make itself more accessible from Hong Kong. The special economic zone in the south of Guangzhou, which has only one high-speed train arriving directly at its Qingsheng station every day, has just bumped up the number of ferries running to Hong Kong – both to the China Ferry Terminal Tsim Sha Tsui and the HK International Airport.

A total of 12 ferries now ply the route to TST, up from eight, running from 8.30am until last departures around 6.40pm. Ferries to the airport are less frequent, but have also seen two new vessels added. Bookings are here.

Because Nansha is equidistant to TST and Lantau, it takes only about 60 minutes to reach both. The Nansha Passenger Port also provides pre-check-in and baggage direct services. And on the way in, there are now visa-on-arrival self-service machines.

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