Macau visitors up 8% – thanks to HK

Macau welcomed 2,764,924 visitors in September, an increase of 8.0% year-on-year. This time, however, visitors from Hong Kong saw the strongest YoY growth, up 27.2%, compared to mainland arrivals, which grew 5.7%.

It has been a long, long time since Hongkongers came to Macau in such large numbers. They are obviously still dwarfed by overall mainland arrivals, but still: what could have made 564,771 Hongkongers rush over to the GBA’s sole collection of baccarat tables last month?

There were 1,924,490 mainland arrivals in Macau last month, of which 49.0% came from Guangdong.  Most of those were from the Greater Bay Area cities – 854,988 –  with strongest growth from Zhuhai  (269,327, up 50%) and Guangzhou (167,936, up 26.8%).

Air arrivals continued to grow strongly, up 16.3% to 294,677, while the ferries continued to lose share to the HZMB, with their traffic falling  45.0% to 416,713.

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