Lam unmoved by Li’s ode to the downtrodden

Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s richest man, can’t seem to get an audience with the Chief Executive. How else is one to understand his public plea for the protesters to be “given a chance”? Unless, of course, the billionaire was aiming his comments at the public and had no need of a meeting with the person who has the power to to address #3 on the protesters’ list. That is possible. But why might the 91-year-old retiree feel the need to feel the protesters’ pain? Or rather, why now, rather than at any time over the past 22 years since the handover, a time in which he has, along with his fellow oligarchs, steadily reduced their living space, held their wages stagnant, and raised their cost of food?

In any case, the plea seems to have fallen on deaf ears. CE Carrie Lam chose today to focus on other more pressing issues. Read the SCMP’s wrap here.

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