Grow with Us

Greater Bay Insight was started with the goal to tell the stories of the developments of the Greater Bay Area to a global audience. We are excited by what we see coming out of China, and we believe that the Greater Bay Area stands on the threshold of a new era in the country’s development.

Our founders have been around the media and corporate communications industry in China for years. We believe in the power of technology to revamp traditional business models and create new opportunities for smart, ambitious, good-natured people who really want to do the right thing for this world.

As a fairly new company, we are looking for team members who want to get involved in constructing a new narrative about this part of the country.

Current openings

Online Editor

We want people who enjoy combing through online media sources to spot interesting stories, which can be written up in several ways:

  • Compilations: Sometimes a great story tells itself through multiple other stories published by original authors. We need editors with the necessary skill sets to weave together such stories.
  • Translations: Sometimes a great story just needs to be regurgitated – in English.
  • Summaries: Sometimes a great story just needs to be summarized in a few paragraphs with a hyperlink.


The need for original reporting is not going away, despite the decline of traditional media outlets. We need people who know how to do interviews, how to find background information, and how to write stories that no one else has thought of yet. Experience of writing for a business-minded audience is helpful.

While we have emphasized the skill of writing, we also welcome any talents that can turn these interesting stories worth telling into multi-media format.

Above all, we like fresh young minds that can bring us new or some times perhaps outrageous ideas.

If that sounds interesting to you, please send us a note.