Jiangmen going green in a hurry

Jiangmen is reaching for a high bar in air-pollution standards. By the end of next year, it expects to have almost entirely good-air days in the city. As a result, it is taking immediate aim at the public transport sector, ordering all taxis and ride-hailing cars to upgrade to new energy vehicles.

By next year, Jiangmen expects the measure to have a dramatic effect, with the number of days of good air quality reaching above 90%. It will also complete the recycling upgrade of its six industrial parks. This will entail building a clean energy system, and gradually setting up a “green logistics area” in the core areas of the city.

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the service industry, Jiangmen will ban open-air auto repair spraying operations. Open-air barbecues are prohibited in urban areas, and indoor barbecues must be equipped with high efficiency ventilators. The city will conduct at least one cooking fume inspection on the F&B industry.

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