In HK, calls to ‘give it back’

“For the sake of public interest, and for the sake of people’s livelihoods, it is time developers show their utmost sincerity instead of minding their own business, hoarding land for profit and earning the last penny.” 

So reads a “commentary” in the official People’s Daily newspaper, as reported by SCMP, calling on the Hong Kong government to take back land parcels that have been lying dormant in the city while developers force people into ever-smaller apartments at the world’s most expensive prices.

Gosh, whatever could this mean? 

Is there a madman out there who has randomly been allowed to vent on the opinion pages of the Party’s official mouthpiece, in the never-ending quest for diversity of views that the leadership encourages? Or is it possible that a well-thought-out plan is under way to break the oligarchy that has dominated this city’s economy for decades?

Our money is on the latter. Here is the “nutgraf,” as they call it in the media business:

“What is being responsible to Hong Kong’s future? What is showing humanity and providing a way out to the young people? This is the way.”

Take that, Superman.

SCMP has the details on this, as well as Carrie Lam’s much less-aggressive plan to tax vacant plots. Our money is on the more-aggressive plan becoming reality. Soon.

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