Huizhou, Shenzhen combine port operations

Here is a good story about Greater Bay Area integration that is working, and delivering results. Huizhou has a deepwater port with significant potential. Shenzhen has container traffic that it needs to manage better, as its existing ports at Yantian and Shekou are running at high capacity utilization. Putting their management together makes sense, and that is what they have done. 

They are calling it the “Huiyan Combination Port” operation. It essentially involves closer collaboration between the Yantian and Huizhou container terminal, which enables streamlined customs declarations and inspection procedures for Huizhou Port, and improves handling procedures for loading and unloading international vessels in Yantian Port. 

As one of the region’s busiest ports, Yantian is congested. Huizhou, on the other hand, is a rare natural harbor with annual cargo handling capacity that can reach 100 million tons. Its goal is to become a logistics distribution center, the largest oil and gas chemical storage and transportation base in the region.  

About 500,000 TEUs and about 5 million tons of goods will be imported and exported through the “combination port” operation. This will cut the average transportation cost per standard container from 800 yuan to 500 yuan. This is expected to reduce overall expenditures by enterprises currently using both ports by around 100 million yuan. Moreover, there will be a win for the environment, as emissions of trucks and ships will be reduced. 

In effect, the arrangement will give Shenzhen additional capacity in its eastward expansion while also improving Huizhou’s position as a gateway to the eastern side of the province.  

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